"Maha Nand Sharma as a Poet: A Study of his Themes"


Sunita Rana


Maha Nand Sharma was a great poet. In his poetry we see that he has the spiritual strain like Krishna Srinivas, the great south poet. He is also a great Rishi who has spiritual themes in his poems. Spirituality is the basic theme of his all poems. The poet has composed a vast work of poems but unfortunately it has come to the knowledge of very few devoted scholars. He is a profound scholar of three literatures-Sanskrit, Hindi and English. The poet is a great literary man in English literature. He was a gifted poet with a multi-dimensional vision. His explorations into spirituality, his devotion and dedication to the Supreme Being and his adherence to the cardinal values amaze his admirers and readers. His love for learning and reading and his life long engagement with education shape and enrich his views on education and find full flow in his Poetry.