Cultural Influence and Creativity of Ghanaian Children: Implications for the Socio-economic Set-up


Mavis Osei
Alhaji Y. S. Peligah
Joe Adu-Agyem


The study which is qualitative in nature employed the historical research method, document analysis and the observation tool to examine the effects of culture on creativity in the context of the development of the child's latent creative abilities. Its aim is to put across the complementary nature of culture and creativity. Practices within the setting of a culture greatly affect the caliber of person an individual will be, since those practices shape the experiences from which he/she can draw knowledge to feed his/her creative potential. The study also points out that Creativity, a feature of behaviour that reflects uniqueness, experimentation and a spirit of exploration, goes beyond the realms of the arts and literature into every field of endeavour. ModifYing one's Culture (the human behaviour one acquires or learns in a specific setting) and avoiding conformity in the strictest sense can enhance creativity.