Pem Fuel Cell - Attractive Source of Energy


Sanjeev Doijode
B. P. Yadav
B. Sudheer Premkumar


Hydrogen represents an alternative source of energy carrier to the oil based economy. Fuel cells are electrochemical devices and can be efficient for converting nearly 80 % of chemical energy of the fuel in to electricity in contrast to the thermal power plant which gives around 40%. In structure fuel cells are similar to batteries except that in batteries the chemical energy is stored and need to be recharged while in the fuel cell fuel is constantly fed to the cell so that consistent generation of electricity is ensured. Fuel cell can be constructed in moduler form and hence fuel cell power plant can be erected.
The present paper deals with the study and perform ance of PEM FUEL cell with hydrogen fuel. The testing unit comprises a hydrogen gas cylinder, press regulator flow meter and a self breathing PEM fuel cell. The electronic loading device is attached with the system for loading. The fuel cell is tested with different quantity of flow and corresponding observation of power output, voltage and current etc. are to be noted and analyzed.