Domestic Violence Act 2005 - A Boon to Protect Women from Violence


K. Prasanna Kumar


Women are vulnerable targets of in human wrongs and home is not an exception to suppress the interests of women with different strategies. Every day hundreds of women are physically, mentally, psychologically abused, tortured and also thrown out of the homes. Domestic Violence against women is not merely a domestic issue; but rather a complex socio-economic crisis that threatens the interconnected equilibrium of the entire social structure.
Domestic violence is increasingly for grounded in international flora as a human rights violence requiring interventions by state and voluntary agencies. Dom estic violence, in simple words is an abusive, violent, and coercive forceful, or threatens act or word inflicted by one member of a family or household on another. It occurs when a family member tries to physically or psychologically dominate or harm the other.
Increasing violence at work place and home, foeticide, harmful reproductive technology, gender biased laws an judgments, resistance to political space for women globolization and communal forces gripping feminization of poverty, increasing trafficking, along with gender discrimination, stereotypes and gender bias are all part of the list of issues.
Women from her cradle to her grave faces a lot of injustice and almost all times her greatest misfortune seeks to be that she Is unaware of her rights. Several National and International conventions focus on Domestic Violence and the Indian Parliament has enacted the protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, with an object to prevent the domestic violence in the society.
Present paper focus attention towards the various causes for violence, formS of domestic violence, impact of protection of women from domestic violence act 2005 and future plans and programs to project complete women without any violence. This paper also attempts to analyse the various provisions under the Act which are meant for protection of women from violence and how the law has taken note of issues which it was immune to earlier.