Women Labour in the Informal Sector- An International Perspective


S. N. Nagaseshamma


In India there is a large magnitude of workforce getting their livelihood from the Informal Sector. In India, the terms of informal sector has not been used in the official statistics or in the National Accounts Statistics (NAS). The terms used in the Indian NAB are Organized and "Unorganized" sector. According an International Labour Organisations estimation women perform one-third of the world's counted labour. It is obvious that if a women has to work, she will need more protection than man in her protective legislation is thus recognized in all societies. Keeping the above view, present paper focused on International Perspective of women workers.
1.International Labour Organisation's Human Rights Conventions
2.International Labour Organisation's Wage Legislation Conventions
3.International Labour Organisation's Factory and Mines Legislation Conventions. Legislations related to women workers in India.