Relative Importance of Service Quality Dimensions and overall Satisfaction - Discriminant Analysis


R. Kavitha


Health care is a big concern in India, the land of nearly billion people and the second most popular country in the world. As the Country is divided into several States, the State government has the onus to take care of the health of people in the State. The main aim of the study is to study the relative importance of the five dimensions and overall satisfaction based on SERVQUAL measurement model which was developed by Parasuraman etc. Two hospitals are purposively selected for this study, one is private hospital and another is public hospital, Data required for this study are both primary and secondary: Primary data are collected through interview schedule and secondary data relating to the hospitals are collected from the records of she select hospitals based on convenience sampling. The finding of the study is all the five dimensions and overall satisfaction, the group of patients between the two hospitals (Public and Private Hospitals) has been discriminated. The most important dimension that discrimmates the patients between the two hospitals is Empathy that contributes 50% of the respondents.