A Comparitive Study F Effect of Emotional Maturity on Leadership on Qualities of Adolescents Students Studying in Government Private Schools


Neetu Shisbodia
Neetu Chawla


We are in the 21st century and it is a boardroom of a company or the classroom of the students, individual needs the skill to communicate, work on team and let go of the personal and family issues. An individual should be emotionally mature which is reflected in one's ability to manage and monitor one's emotions, to assess the emotional state of others and to influences their opinion and behavior. Researcher in this thesis has tried to study the effect of emotional maturity on leadership qualities of adolescent students. "The normative survey method has been used to study the correlation between the emotional maturity and leadership qualities". The present study was conducted with 180 students of class XII. Emotional maturity measured by using moral EMS seale developed by Mahesh bhargava, and leadership Scale self made. Analysis of result revealed that there is a significant relationship between the emotional maturity and leadership qualities of adolescents students of government and private schools.