School Based Visual Arts: Documentation of Selected Students Artefacts as a Potential Resource Material for Teaching and Learning of Aesthetics


G. Brako-Hiapa
J. Adu-Agyem


The study concerned itself with the documentation of unexploited and hidden artefacts in six selected Senior High Schools offering Visual Arts in Ghana. The study which is qualitative in nature specifically sought to identify, describe, analyse and document selected artefacts produced by students as a useful resource material for aesthetics teaching and learning. The study was conducted on sampled artefacts from the six. Senior High Schools randomly selected from Eastern and Ashanti regions. Fourteen works comprising picture making, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, graphic design and jewellery were finally sampled out, discussed and analysed in descriptive form. The findings of the study revealed excellent manipulative skills and competencies exhibited by students in artefacts produced. The results of the study largely confirm that there is valuable inherent information such as philosophies, technical aspects, expressive and communicative qualities attached to the artefacts that could be exploited and utilised fully as a useful resource material for teaching and learning.