Modelling of Temperature Profile in Metal Cutting Process


Lathiya Dharmesh Kumar
Viswakarma Ajay


A large amount of heat is generated during machining process as well as in different process where deformation of material occurs. The power consumed in metal cutting during cutting operation is largely converted into heat. The studies of temperature fields in machining are very important for the development of new technologies aiming to increase the tool life and to reduce production costs. Determination of the maximum temperature during machining process and its distribution along the rake surface are of much importance as it influences the tool life and the quality of machined part. In the present work, numerous methods have been discussed to approach the problem of temperature distribution such as experimental, analytical and numerical analysis. In addition, temperature measurement techniques used in metal cutting are briefly reviewed. Furthermore, an attempt has been made to develop analytical thermal model to determine the temperature during the cutting process. The model is developed using MATLAB software and generated results will be compared with the published work, for different workpieces and cutting conditions.