A Study of Mental Health in Relation to Gender and Type of School


Ritu Rani
Ajmer Singh


Teacher plays an important role in teaching-learning process. The quality, competence, character and effectiveness of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant factors influencing the quality of education. Teacher's mental health plays an important role in teaching-learning process. If the teachers are of unsound mind, they can harm nation in terms of poor teaching and guiding to the students. Teacher's mental health is of great significance in teaching-learning process. Teaching is a human service profession; in order to teach effectively the teacher must possess sound mental health. Mental health is a condition or a state of harmonious functioning of the human personality. It is a state of one's peace of mind, satisfaction, happiness, effectiveness and harmony brought out by one's level of adjustment with his self and the world at large. This investigation is an attempt to study the mental health in relation to demographic variables. A sample of 100 teachers was taken and Mental Health Battery by Singh and Sengupta was used for data collection. The response rate was 80%. Data was analyzed by using mean, SD and t-value. The results of the study indicated that the primary school teachers were found to be average in their level of mental health. In general, there was found no significant difference in the level of mental health between male and female teachers. The teachers working in Government and Private schools do not differ in their level of mental health.