Teaching Sculpture at the Senior High School Level Using Non-conventional Materials


Emmanuel Mensah
Joe Adu-Agyem
Osei-Barnieh Ruby


The aim of this research was to introduce the use of non-conventional materials for sculpture in Senior High Schools. The researchers were particularly interested in the teaching and learning of sculpture with materials that had been thrown away such as bones, drinking straws, plastic bottles and egg shells. Clay, wood and cement are the main materials that are used for the production of sculpture works at the SHS. The researchers gave opportunity to the students to explore and experiment with various materials (throw-aways) that were not traditional. The main materials used for the execution of the works were Voltic bottles, cow horns, drinking straws, egg shells, false yams and old shoes. Techniques used were gluing, piercing, painting, carving, and tying. This stirred their imagination and productivity. The study discovered that students had keen interest in working with non-conventional materials than conventional materials. It has been discovered that non-conventional materials can be successfully integrated into the teaching of sculpture at Senior High School level.