History and Dynamics of Terrorism in Nigeria: Socio-Political Dimension


Eke Chijioke Chinwokwu


This paper traces the history and dynamics of terrorism in Nigeria, focusing on its socio-political dimensions with the view of discovering the etiology of terrorism in Nigeria. The paper notes that the trend and dynamics of present day terror acts in Nigeria are very alarming and never has the magnitude and intensity been as frightful and devastating as currently experienced. The paper examines the concept of terrorism in order to establish the framework for our analysis. The paper then looks at various epochs of Nigerian history exposing the dynamics and dimension of acts of terrorism in each era. The paper further examines various motives and motivation that are espoused as basis for the rise of terrorist groups. This paper also looks at various government efforts to tame the menace and why such efforts have been mere peripheral window dressing considering the dilemmas of government. The paper recommends good governance based on the rule of law and justice, reduction of perceived injustice in the polity, creation of jobs for the youth, resource control and true federalism and genuine dialogue among others as panacea in suppressing the trend.