Leadership for Managing Customer Conflicts in Software Industry


Ramakrishna Sastry Ghatty
V. Madhusudhan Prasad
M. Prabhakar Reddy
Mangesh Pusulur


The Key for the software repeatable business, better customer satisfaction and customer delight lies with managing the customer in a better way without having conflicts with the customers. But during software project implementation, many conflicts are arising between customers and team members and vendor management. Conflicts with customers arising because of misunderstanding of customer's market requirements, not able to provide project metrics and important project documents like baselines and project plans on time as stated in the contract, lack of communication of team members during project discussions, lack of attrition management by vendors, vendor management not to provide onshore resources on time because of visa issues and nonpayment of project bills/invoices by customers/sponsors. To resolve these conflicts, Project Managers should be in regular contact with customers, by publishing correct project baselines and project plans as stated in the contract on time. The present study has been conducted to understand the perception of customer related conflicts in various software industries located in Hyderabad and why conflicts are arising, leadership for conflict resolution and how these are interrelated with each other.