Speed Control of Nine Switch Z Source Inverter Using Space Vectors Modulation Technique


V. Naveen Kumar
T. Varaprasad


Recently, nine-switch inverter and nine-switch-z-source inverter have been proposed as dual output inverters. In this paper, the space vector modulation (SVM) of nine-switch inverter and nine-switch-z-source inverter is proposed. The proposed method increases the sum of modulation indices up to 15% in contrast with the conventional, scheme in which the sum of modulation indices is equal or less than one. The extra voltage available for a given input dc-voltage, translates to a higher torque-a critical factor for defining the capacity of products in marketplace. Also, in order to further reduce the cost of power devices and also thermal heat effect, and to reduce the number of semiconductor switching, specific SVM switching pattern is presented. This feature will be advantageous for high-power inverter applications where cost and efficiency are key decision factors. Furthermore, a novel SVM is proposed for minimizing total harmonic distortion. The performance of the proposed SVM for both nine-switch inverter and nineswitch-z-source inverter is verified by simulation. Experimental results validate the simulation results as well as the superiority of the proposed SVM.