Development of Black Body Radiation Trough for Preservative Treatment of Sympodial Bamboos in Ghana


Steiner Rudolf
Abena Akyeabea Oteng
Kwame Kyere


A rectangular trough of length 240cm, width 120cm and depth 30cm was designed and built with 2.5 cm angle iron and 3mm aluminum plate. An 8mm glass plate was fitted to the trough to serve as lid, to allow penetration of sun light for eventual warming of the trough. The powdering and ultimate disintegration of bamboo which comes as a result of poor preservation practices are unbearable to users of bamboo crafts. A solution has been found in the engineering of an all in one black body radiation trough for preservative treatment of sympodial bamboo species in Ghana. Energy from the sun, and the black body radiation properties of the trough enhancing utmost heat maintenance is available in keeping the temperature of the trough warm enough for effectual leaching out of starch, wax and sugar from the bamboo and eventual penetration of chemical preservatives for the preservation of bamboo.