Eclectic Discourse on Peace


Francis E. Ekanem


The concept of peace is as old as humanity itself and one phenomenon today in our world that is well sought after by all and sundry. Peace has been viewed differently by great thinkers such as Einstein, Tolstoy, Kant and others. While some thinkers see peace as the absence of war, others see it as calmness or tranquility in the face of hostilities and war. The existential realities of humans such as fear, dread, death, anguish, absurdity, necessitate the contemplation of peace. Because of the outcry everywhere in the world for peace, this paper seeks to join the foray of persons and institutions whose search for a lasting peace in our world has reached its crescendo. The eclectic posture of this work adopts various postulations from different philosophers who have written on the subject of peace. The approach on the issue of peace here is from a philosophical perspective using the postulations of these peace philosophers to proffer ideas on understanding the nature of peace.