Teachers Opening Doors Toa Better World: Implications for the Nigeria Union of Teachers in Rivers State, Nigeria


Samuel O. Nwafor
Chris O. Oruge


This study reviewed contributions of teachers world-wide to the educational process, human and national development. Also, the functions of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), the recognized professional body encompassing all teachers at the primary and secondary levels of education in Nigeria were examined. For instance, NUT helps, as part of Its duty to teachers, to make contributions towards policy formulation and implementation of educational programmes through its membership in national and international organizations. In the National Development and/or political process, the teacher plays a key role. His actions are leadership actions which influence the activities and behaviour of individuals or groups in an effort to attain goals in given situations. Government at different levels, Federal, State and Local have argued that other sectors in the economy compete with education and as such, there is a limit to what the country can spend on education. However, government should realize that no building could be stronger than its foundation. Thus, no other sector in national development effort in Nigeria should be greater than education (the spring board to the future).There should be consistency in the formulation and implementation of educational policies affecting teachers in Nigeria.