Mixed Media in Metal Art


Emmanuel Mensah
Joe Adu-Agyem
Cyril Etornam Adala


The focus of this study was to explore and incorporate various artistic and non-artistic media into the production of metal art. The study was particularly interested in integrating more non-metallic materials that are not traditional to the production of metal art in the decoration, finishing and the protective coating of metal art works. Qualitative, descriptive and quasi-experimental methods of research we re used for the study. Basic hand forming techniques including raising, chasing and repoussé, piercing and soldering were employed in the execution of the works. Other techniques such as painting, dyeing and macramé were also used. Non metallic media that were used in the production of the works included leather, nail polish. Acrylic paint, epoxy, PVA glue, graphite, eye pencil, lagging, foam. wood, shoe polish, shoe lace, eggshell paper, spray paint, cotton cords and correction fluid, It was discovered that non-metallic media could successfully be integrated into the production of metal art thus identifying the course of traditional metal art in Ghana, particularly in KNUST.