Does Ongoing Feedback Based on Evaluation of Nurse Educator: Improve the Teaching Learning Skills in B.Sc. N Program in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan?


Almas chapsi
Husan Bano Channar
Ruth K Alam



 Objective: To determine the effectiveness of ongoing feedback based on evaluation of nurse educators by the students in colleges of Nursing affiliated with Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, (LUMHS) Jamshoro.

Purpose: To improve the nursing education through feedback based on evaluation of teaching and enhances the evaluation methodology of teaching in nursing education

Methodology: An experimental research design was used to assess the effectiveness and improvement of ongoing evaluation of nurse educator. Randomized control trail was done. Subjects were assigned to a group randomly. Random assignment accomplished by obtain a list of faculty members from both private and public-sector institutes of nursing, then the random sample of the desired size was draw. 18 Nurse Educators randomly were selected from different institutes for study, out of nineteen 9 were selected randomly for experimental and 9 for control group. Data collected by using pre-structured questionnaire composed of different parts


Data was analyzed on SPSS version 20. Chi square test was used for categorial variable. T- test of significant was used to find the association between independent variables and outcome variable 95% confident interval was calculated.

Results :

Descriptive statistics of the study Mean score with standard daviation  achieved by Wilxcon w test  that is 46.3  9.5,,  of control group and 37.4  10.12  of experimental group  with p=1.3 ns.  Chi square test was use for quantative analysis.


Ongoing evaluation can be a positive experience for both the nurse educator and the evaluator's. The challenge for evaluator's is to make the evaluation process a meaningful experience. Based on the study findings, improving nursing student's achievements as well as teaching effectiveness require feed back by student to nurse educator. Educators encourage active learning and involve students in the educational process